Auto Repair in Mint Hill: How Long Should an Oil Change Take?

In a fast paced world, the time needed to stop and get an oil change is minimal. After all, if its a daily driver, you can’t just take it off the road for a day, you have errands and a job to do! It is completely understandable that “5 minute oil changes” as offered by some major oil-change corporations seem desirable. However, an oil change that only lasts that long isn’t in your car’s best interest.

Ken Manchester, owner of Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill, elaborates on the subject.


“I don’t care how many workers you put on an oil change. 5 minutes is just way too short.” He says. “An oil change done correctly should take about 30 minutes.”


Gunk like this happens from never changing the oil.

“Part of the problem with that premise is that it is physically impossible to drain oil that fast in most cars. Even if you’re using one of those high-tech fluid vacuums, oil just can’t leave the vehicle that fast. Even if it could, however, in order to even make this oil change last only 5 minutes, you’d have to be pouring new oil in as fast as you’re draining old oil out. And that is a disaster waiting to happen.”


“If your oil is changed in 5 minutes, they didn’t drain all of it out like they said they did.” Ken states. “This really becomes a problem if they bill you for the full amount of oil, too. Unfortunately isn’t the easiest thing to prove, though.”


To put it simply, oil changes shouldn’t be long, but they shouldn’t be quick either.


“An oil change should take 30 minutes for one main reason – to properly drain oil. Refilling it doesn’t take too long, but draining it does. That oil is spread all throughout your engine, lubricating things. It just can’t come out in 5 minutes.”


An oil change is not necessarily a complex procedure, but doing it properly is important. Many places that offer speedy oil changes probably aren’t giving you your money’s worth. The next time you need an oil change, keep this in mind.

Ken Manchester