Repair Records And Why They’re Important

MINT HILL, NC – If you’re looking for a great way to raise the value of your car, get your service records together and keep them somewhere safe. The biggest unknown when buying a car is reliability. A car that has a complete service record removes a considerable majority of that unknown. Knowing what work has already been done, how much work has been needed, and most importantly if routine preventative maintenance has been done is a huge selling point.

If you haven’t been keeping detailed records up to this point, the first thing I’d recommend is to swing by your repair facility of choice. Almost all auto shops have been bookkeeping digitally for years. We have records for every single repair our shop has done since we switched to digital in 2003. We have the entire service history of many of our customer’s vehicles. We can reprint any of them too. If you want physical copies of your repair records, give your shop a shout. I’ll bet they have everything.

You can also check Carfax, but that usually costs money. Carfax gets their records from shops like ours. While it is convenient and all in one place, any record you get from them won’t contain any more or less data than what we already have, because it’s shops like ours that provided it to them. So check before you buy.

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Ken Manchester