Repair Costs

The costs associated with repairing vehicles are directly related to the vehicle design, the type of equipment needed to accurately diagnose the problem and the level of expertise required  to perform the repairs accurately the first time.  At Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill we charge by the specific job at a fair price to you and a reasonable profit to us so that we may continue this level of service for years to come.

We do not believe it is ethical or honest to advertise extremely low prices to get you in the door, only to push a more expensive service(s) using high pressure sales tactics once you get here.

We promise  only to sell you what you need when you need it and to keep you informed as to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.

Any part that you purchase from us is the highest quality part we can obtain.  If that part should fail within our warranty period, we shall install a replacement part at no additional charge to you.