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How to Find Factory Reccomended Maintenance Schedules When Your Owner’s Manual is Missing

If you’ve been in the market for a used car or currently own one, you know that sometimes what you get isn’t complete. Floormats may be missing, the tire jack may have been taken out and never put back in… any sometimes, even the owner’s manual is missing. “Oh, no!” You may think, “What do I do if I have a question about my car?” Fortunately in the digital age, knowing your car, it’s maintenance schedule, and reading up on the vehicle is a breeze. Here’s a few things you can do if your vehicle’s owner’s manual is missing:

Call a Dealer’s Parts Department (or have your local shop of choice do it for you.)


Dealers always have parts. If they don’t, there’s a factory warehouse in the region that does. While dealers have always been notorious for seeing parts to consumers at a high price because they’re “OEM” (we have an article about that too… head over to minthilltimes.com if you’re wondering about parts from dealers vs. commercial and aftermarket parts!) dealers do have one really unique trick up their sleeves – uniqueness. While auto parts stores around the country carry millions of different kinds of parts, dealers have the luxury of selling the really, really obscure. Literature is one of those things – dealers almost always have extra copies of old manuals for situations just like this. Be warned, you may have to shell out more than you want for a book, but know it is an option!


Check for PDFs.


Many manufacturers are realizing just how common it is to Google a problem as compared to digging through your manual. Because of this, you can find many owner’s manuals online in PDF form! Be warned, it may not be a good idea to print it unless you can afford a few cases of printer ink – manuals can easily have 500 to 1,000 pages!


There’s a Forum for That!


One of the cool things about owning a car in the era of internet is that millions of others just like you have that same vehicle and have questions about it too. Believe me, there are people who are enthusiasts about your year, make and model. Drive a cool sports car? There’s a forum for that. Drive something odd like a 1997 Geo Prizm? There’s someone out there with the same car and they’re obsessed with it and they have internet access just like you. It’s a great place to find people who have similar questions or to ask your own about your car. There are forums for almost any year, make and model, but some of the more popular forums include VWVortex.com, ford-trucks.com, and my personal favorite, challengertalk.com (which would have been nice when I was making rounds on South Florida dragstips in my old ‘72 Challenger!)


Who’s Selling?

Still want a physical manual but don’t want to pay dealer price? The internet id your friend once again. eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and other selling sites have manuals pop up for sale all the time. Feel free to dig through the sites and see what you can find!

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