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NHTSA Airbag Investigation – What You Need To Know

What Happened?

A German parts company called TRW Automotive manufactured a potentially faulty airbag control unit, according to the USDOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Airbag control units are small devices that determine when an airbag should be deployed. The NHTSA claims these parts may fail due to electrical surges caused by a crash, resulting in undeployed airbags.

Who’s Affected?

While we don’t know any specific models yet, we do know this effects potentially 12.3 million cars on the road today. These vehicles are model years 2010-2019, and are from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai Motor Company’s Hyundai and Kia, as well as Mitsubishi.

Are there Recalls?

So far, no official recalls have been made, but the NHTSA has reported one death believed to be caused by this.

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Auto Repair in Mint Hill: What Do I Do if I Have a Corroded Battery?

Imagine yourself getting ready to leave for work in the morning. You go to start the car, and nothing happens. “How can the battery be dead?” you think, because the battery is only 7 months old! It shouldn’t show signs of ill health yet. A quick pop of the hood and you find a gigantic green glob on your battery; corrosion.


What is corrosion?

Corrosion is battery acid that has seeped from the battery. There are two types of corrosion you may see on a battery – lead sulphate or copper sulphate. It forms a solid green/blue crust. Not only is it bad for the battery, but it can be poisonous.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill

Terminals (image courtesy of Handyman)


Where does corrosion form?

Usually corrosion is found on battery terminals due to their conductive abilities.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill

A corroded battery

What are battery terminals?

Battery terminals are metal o-ring-like clamps that grab around the battery to relay current from the battery to other parts of the car.


How do I clean my terminals?

The best way is with white vinegar on a cotton swab or a bristle. Gloves and eye goggles should be worn. White vinegar is strong enough to remove corrosion but not so strong as to damage your terminals. Removing corrosion in bulk is also OK, but only if the proper safety equipment is being worn!

When removing corrosion it’s best to disconnect your battery terminals while cleaning. Be sure to write down your radio presets and be ready to set your clock again!


Can corrosion cause permanent damage?

Most likely no, corrosion does not cause anything permanent. That being said, corrosion can cause inconvienences like issues starting the car, which is never good, so maintaining a clean battery is important. It never hurts to have your battery checked from time to time. Feel free to contact Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill at 704-545-4597 if you wish to schedule an appointment for a battery test.