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Auto Repair in Mint Hill – Beware of Florence’s Flooded Cars

Shortly after the storm, Texas World Speedway began to house about 10% of all flood damaged cars from Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Florence was one of the worst storms to hit the Carolinas in years. The coastal region experienced large amounts of flooding, and as a result many cars were terminally damaged in the process. Unfortunately, flood cars are the automobile version of Frankensteins Monster they commonly are refurbished and put back out on the street, despite being unsafe and needing to be in a car graveyard. You plan on being in the used car market in the upcoming weeks, be aware of the potential of buying a flooded car and know the signs and symptoms to look for.

1Salvage Titles.

Salvage Titles are a great way to find flood vehicles, but it is flawed system. Any car effected by a flood is considered a total loss, and any that go back out on the road wind up with a salvage titlethat is, if it was reported in the first place. While many auto owners will do what is right and report to their insurance companies, many will attempt to hide any damage on the vehicle and resell it as if the vehicle was never involved. Remember, a clean title does not necessarily mean a clean car.

2. Your Senses are Your Friends.

While some may go above and beyond to hide flood damage, shoddy jobs are easy to detect with your eyes and nose. Does the car smell moldy? Does the car smell like a airfreshenerbomb went off inside, like theyre trying to hide a smell? Does the carpet have stains that dont look like a drink spill? Are there stains on the roof? Have the rugs been recently replaced? Do electronics not work? If your answer to questions like these is “yesyou should probably run.

3. Deals so Good, Theyre Fishy.

Check and see what cars are going for in your area with national evaluators. For example, a baselevel 2013 Toyota Camry LE with 80,000 miles is currently worth $7,0008,000 in “Good” condition According to Kelly Blue Book. If you see one that hit the used car circuit after midSeptember and it only costs $4,000, youve probably got a flood car.

4. You Arent in the Clear because you live in Mint Hill

The easiest place to sell flooded vehicles is in a place that did not flood. While Mint Hill did receive an average of about 9.5 inches of rain during Florence, our weather was considerably less violent than that which hit the coast. Due to the fact that we had minimal to no flooding, used car sellers may attempt to pedal cars in our area after all, why would we expect to be buying flooded cars if we didnt get flooded?

5. Flood Damage isnt Just in the Cabin

If a car in a flooded area didnt have damage to the cabin, many sellers think theyre in the clear. However, flooding does just as much damage to frames and engines as it does to interiors, and thats where the real danger lies. Flooded engines commonly act like lemons (If you missed our article about those, head over to www.autorepairminthill.com to catch up!) and cars with frame rust are extremely deadly in crashes. Take a peek under the hood at the engine and look under the vehicle at the frame. If you see any rust, run.

Like with any list, we have not covered every possible sign of flood damage, so be sure to check the news for ways to find flood cars that may not have been covered in our article. Most importantly, stay safe! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 704-545-4597, email us at kenmanchester1@gmail.com, or send us a message on Facebook at facebook.com/ManchesterAutoandTireOfMintHill.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill – Is Your Vehicle Flood Damaged?

Whenever there is a natural disaster that involves flooding like a hurricane, a flood of  used vehicles (no pun intended) that have experienced flood damage enter into the used car pool.  While many of these vehicles should have gone to the junk yard, many individuals will fix them up and put them right back on the road and try to pass them off as a good used car.  While checking the CARFAX will tell you if the vehicle was totaled in an insurance claim and the type of damage that occurred, if the vehicle did not have comprehensive collision coverage then there is probably no record of the damage.

What is a consumer to do when shopping for a used car to make sure it does not have flood damage?

Flood damage can be easily concealed and unless you know what to look for, you may never realize the vehicle was submerged underwater.  Here are a few things you can do when car shopping for a used car that are a good indicator that flood damage has occurred:

  • Pull up carpet if you can and look for water stains or rust stains. (if the carpet is new that may be a sign that the car was damaged and recently repaired)
  • Check the door panels for fading or stains, again if they are new or look like they have been replaced recently, that could indicate a problem.
  • Do you detect any unusual stains, odors or mold?
  • Look under the dash, around the alternator and wiring system for dirt, grit, corrosion and residue.
  • Look under the seats, dash anywhere that metal has not been painted for rust and stains.  Also check screws for rust.

There are many other things technicians look for both under the hood and chassis, but his is a short list of obvious items that should send up a red flag if you see them on a car at the used car lot.

Buying a used vehicle can be a daunting task and sometimes leave you uncertain if you made the right decision.  Making an appointment to bring in that used car for a pre-purchase inspection can take the headache and anxiety out of the process.  If you have concerns about any potential used car you would like to buy, don’t hesitate to stop by. If you are looking for top quality auto repair in Mint Hill or South Charlotte area, please stop by Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill or give us a call at 704-545-4597.