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Auto Repair in Mint Hill – Should I Tint My Windows?

Tinted windows are all the rage – they look sleek, they keep sun out of your eyes and in some cases, provide UV protection. While window tinting sounds like it has no disadvantages, there are many arguments for and against it. For some more information, we sit down with Manchester Automotive and Tire of Mint Hill’s owner Ken Manchester.


“Tinted Windows are nothing new.” Ken said. “They have, however, gotten pretty sophisticated.”

“Most window tinting you see on the roads is aftermarket film. It can be made by a lot of different companies and in different darknesses. Think of it like a really high quality sticker.” He elaborates, “You can even do it yourself now. Your local parts store probably has it.”


On whether or not it’s worth it, Ken states its all situational. “Tint is really great if you’re an Uber driver who doesn’t like being the sun. It probably isn’t a good idea to have it if you work a night shift and drive in the dark. If you have sensitive skin, they make perscription tint. Its all about how and when you drive, and if you’re within the legal limits.”


As far as the laws go, Ken says its different from state to state. “Here in North Carolina we’re pretty picky. We actually have to charge extra on state inspections for it. Some states, like South Carolina, are a bit more lenient.”


“The laws here in NC are a little tricky. On a car, no window tint can be darker than 35% unless you have an exemption waiver. On trucks and Vans, tint only has to be at 35% on the front two windows, but the rest can be as dark as you want. Theres also a line on your front windshield, called an AS1 line, and tint isn’t allowed to go below that line on any vehicle without a waiver.


“Ultimately which tint is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is a personal choice. If you do choose to get it though, just remember that if its too dark you will fail state inspection.”


If you have any questions about tint, call Ken Manchester at 704-545-4597.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill – How Do I Get the Most Out of My Tires?

Tires are probably the most well known part of a car. All cars have them, and everyone want’s to get their money’s worth, and rightfully so. Four new tires all at once can be expensive! But how do you make tires last longer? It’s actually quite simple.

Tire Pressure 

Keeping your tires properly inflated and even is half the battle. Most uneven wear between left and right tires is caused by one tire being over or underinflated than the opposite tire. Correct tire pressure in a tire also prevents uneven tread wear.


Rotating your tires allows all four to wear evenly. Front tires tend to wear faster, as they’re used to steer, so occasionally swapping them to the back, and the back to the front, helps keep tires even.

Weight Distribution

On vehicles which haul, such as vans or trucks, too much weight on one axle can cause those tire to wear faster. keeping weight within the vehicle evenly distributed can help prevent premature wear.

Using Them

Tires that sit too long tend to “dry rot” which causes them to crack and become unusable. Making sure a vehicle is driven and not sitting can help prevent this from happening.


No matter what methods you use to keep your tires in good working order, they will eventually need replacement. If it is time for you to replace yours, call Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill at 704-545-5497 for an appointment.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill: How Long Should an Oil Change Take?

In a fast paced world, the time needed to stop and get an oil change is minimal. After all, if its a daily driver, you can’t just take it off the road for a day, you have errands and a job to do! It is completely understandable that “5 minute oil changes” as offered by some major oil-change corporations seem desirable. However, an oil change that only lasts that long isn’t in your car’s best interest.

Ken Manchester, owner of Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill, elaborates on the subject.


“I don’t care how many workers you put on an oil change. 5 minutes is just way too short.” He says. “An oil change done correctly should take about 30 minutes.”


Gunk like this happens from never changing the oil.

“Part of the problem with that premise is that it is physically impossible to drain oil that fast in most cars. Even if you’re using one of those high-tech fluid vacuums, oil just can’t leave the vehicle that fast. Even if it could, however, in order to even make this oil change last only 5 minutes, you’d have to be pouring new oil in as fast as you’re draining old oil out. And that is a disaster waiting to happen.”


“If your oil is changed in 5 minutes, they didn’t drain all of it out like they said they did.” Ken states. “This really becomes a problem if they bill you for the full amount of oil, too. Unfortunately isn’t the easiest thing to prove, though.”


To put it simply, oil changes shouldn’t be long, but they shouldn’t be quick either.


“An oil change should take 30 minutes for one main reason – to properly drain oil. Refilling it doesn’t take too long, but draining it does. That oil is spread all throughout your engine, lubricating things. It just can’t come out in 5 minutes.”


An oil change is not necessarily a complex procedure, but doing it properly is important. Many places that offer speedy oil changes probably aren’t giving you your money’s worth. The next time you need an oil change, keep this in mind.