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Auto Repair in Mint Hill – How Do I Keep Children Safe Around A Car?

The importance of keeping kids safe when around or in a car is a story we’ve all heard a thousand times. It may have even been covered in your driver’s education class. However, do you know exactly how to keep kids safe? Listed below are some tips and tricks on how.

  • Check Seat Belts – And Not Just For If They’re On.

The importance of wearing a seat belt is pretty well known, however, kids can suffer injuries in a wreck if their seatbelt wraps around their head. This can happen from a child being mischievous and wrapping it themselves, but can also happen by the child being strapped in wrong in the first place.

  • Backovers

Backovers are where a person is driven over by a car. This can happen with children because of how small they are and are hard to see (or sometimes impossible to see) in mirrors. According to the Motorist Assurance Program, 15,000 injuries are caused by backover crashes yearly. “Back-Up Cameras,” the cameras which are designed to display the rear view of a car when in reverse, usually cannot prevent these kinds of accidents because even they cannot see directly behind the rear wheels and bumper. The general rule of thumb is this – before driving off, walk around the car and check for anything or anyone.

  • Don’t Leave Kids in the Car

This is probably the most obvious of all the tips listed, but leaving children in the car still happens. Leaving a child in a car can cause heatstroke, which can be deadly. Heatstroke is still possible even on lukewarm spring days because as the sun beats down on the car, the temperature still rises just as it does in the summer. It is important to know cracking the windows is usually not enough to keep the car cool enough. Remember, no matter how short the trip, do not leave kids in the car – nothing is more important than their lives. This also applies to pets.

  • Lock the Car

Locking the doors is crucial for two reasons – the first is to prevent children from crawling into hot cars and locking themselves in the cabin or trunk, and also to prevent any injury by vehicle rollaway. (Rollaway is mostly an issue with manual transmission cars that don’t have a “park” feature, but can happen in automatics.)

  • Lock Your Power Windows

Power windows – any window controlled by a button or lever and not a hand crank – can cause injury to hands and fingers as well as cause strangling, because kids may stick their hands or heads out the window and then accidentally roll the window up on themselves. This is easily preventable by locking the windows so kids cannot play with them. (Power windows usually have a lock button on the driver’s side by the window master controls)

  • Keep Children in Car Seats As Recommended.

A large factor in injuries of children in cars is improper car seats, or lack thereof. The age and weight of a child usually determines what kind of seats they need.  Local laws also sometimes dictate this, so be sure to check for any.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill – How Do I Make My Wipers Last Longer?

Wiper blades are a key piece to any car and, in North Carolina, required by law on vehicles equipped with windshields. Wipers are a kind of car part that you don’t really think about if they’re good or not until you’re using them. With this in mind, how does one make a wiper “last?” Here are a few tips and tricks on how

  1. Treat Your Windshield

Things like Rain-X or similar products intended to make water and other fluids on windshields bead up are great for making wipers last longer as it makes the work a wiper has to do with each wipe a bit easier.

2. Glass Cleaner on the Rubber

Things like glass cleaner are a great way to clean film and other residue off your wiper’s rubber. Doing this with a towel is best, but paper towels are also ok.

3. Lift Your Blades When it Snows or is Freezing

When it snows or is freezing cold, your blades could freeze to the windshield. Preventing this from happening is great for your wipers.

4. Keep the Windshield Crack and Chip Free

Cracks, chips, and dings are one of the biggest reasons a wiper blade tears. should your windshield crack or chip, consider replacement.