At Manchester Automotive and Tire of Mint Hill, our ASE Certified technicians are trained to perform the following  automotive diagnosis, automotive repair and automotive service on all systems on your automobile, van, sport utility vehicle or truck —Foreign or Domestic.

Auto Maintenance

Maintaining your car at regular intervals extends the life of your vehicle and reduces overall repair costs.

¨ Replace Oil, Filter and Lubricate Chassis
¨ Transmission Service
¨ Differential Service
¨ Power Steering Service
¨ Brake Fluid Service
¨ Battery Service
¨ Cooling System Service
¨ Factory Scheduled Maintenance
¨ NC State Inspection


Inspecting your brakes and servicing them when needed maintains the overall safety for you and your family

¨ Pad and shoe replacement
¨ Rotor and drum machining and replacement
¨ Hose replacement
¨ Wheel Cylinders/Master Cylinders
¨ Power Boosters
¨ Anti-Lock Brakes
¨ Emergency Brakes
¨ Caliper Replacement

Cooling and Heating

Your cooling and heating system ensures your car runs at an optimum temperature and provides cabin comfort.

¨ Radiators/Belts and Hoses
¨ Heater Cores
¨ Thermostats
¨ Head Gaskets
¨ Fan Clutches
¨ Electric Fans
¨ Water Pumps
¨ Transmission Coolers
¨ Air Conditioning repair and service


Your drivability systems ensure a smooth ride.
¨ Diagnosis
¨ Automatic Transmission repair/replacement
¨ Manual Transmission repair or replacement
¨ Engine repair or replacement
¨ Timing Belts/Chains
¨ Drive Shafts
¨ Drive Axles
¨ Manual Transaxles

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are very complex and are the CPU (Brain) of your car

¨ Diagnosis
¨ Drivability
¨ Alternators
¨ Starters
¨ Lights
¨ Power
¨ Accessories
¨ Heater Controls
¨ A/C Controls
¨ Instruments/Gauges
¨ Electrical wiring
¨ Electronics
¨ Computers

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems control your car’s emissions.  Proper maintenance and repair  ensures a healthy environment

¨ Mufflers
¨ Exhaust Pipes
¨ Tail Pipes
¨ Exhaust Manifolds
¨ Catalytic Converters
¨ Carburetors
¨ Fuel Injection
¨ Fuel Lines/Hoses/Tanks
¨ Fuel Filters
¨ Fuel Pumps
¨ Intake Manifold Gaskets

Suspension systems

Vehicle suspension affects the smoothness of your ride and the wear of your tires

¨ Shocks/Struts
¨ Ball Joints
¨ Tie Rod Ends
¨ Leaf Springs
¨ Coil Springs
¨ Control Arms
¨ Steering Arms
¨ Steering Racks
¨ Wheel Alignment
¨ Level Ride Systems
¨ Traction Control
¨ Front Wheel/Rear Wheel/4Wheel Drive


Tires come in a variety of types, sizes and prices to fit any budget
¨ Wheel balancing
¨ Nitrogen Fill
¨ Goodyear
¨ Firestone
¨ BF Goodrich
¨ Hancook
¨ Michelin
¨ Bridgestone
¨ Cooper
¨ Khumo
¨ Special Orders