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Auto Repair in Mint Hill – How Do I Unfreeze My Windshield?

Auto Repair in Mint Hill

Don’t let this be you!

Have you ever walked outside to your car to head to work only to realize the windshield is frozen solid? In colder months, this is all too possible. Maybe it snowed and the leftover snow froze. Maybe your windshield was wet and it froze overnight. Maybe Mother Nature knows you need to get to work on time and just likes throwing you curve-balls. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to defrost your windshield in an efficient manner. Below are listed some of the most common ways.


  1. Cold or Lukewarm Water

Water can speed up the process of defrosting your windshield, especially if your windshield is covered in thick ice. To defrost, simply take water and apply to the windshield by tossing, pouring, or however you like. IMPORTANT: Never use hot water! That could crack your windshield. Cold water or lukewarm water is fine because it is above freezing. It is important to remember glass expands and contracts based on the temperature, and a sudden change from freezing cold to almost boiling is too quick of a change.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill


  1. Deicer

Deicers are chemical compounds designed specifically for melting ice on windshields. It is commonly sold at auto parts stores and sometimes gas stations. To use, simply spray onto the iced area and begin to scrape.

  1. Credit Cards

Credit Cards actually make a great scraping tool, especially on light ice and frost. IMPORTANT: If you choose this method, be sure not to scrape with the side with the magnetic strip! This could damage the strip and make the card unusable.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill

An ice scraper.

  1. Ice Scraper

Much like a Credit Card, this is best for light ice and frost, but it can be used on heavy ice with the help of deicers or water. The major difference between the scraper tool and a Credit Card, however, is that scraper tools are designed for windshield. They are usually very slightly curved like a windshield, and sometimes are long so you can reach hard to get spots.

  1. The Car’s Defroster

This method is best used on light ice and frost, but if you have time to spare, this car be tried on heavy ice. To do this, simply set a temperature on your heater in the car, and then set the blow to “defrost”. Though this may take some time, as it most likely won’t blow hot right away, it is a hands free method to defrost a windshield.

  1. Ice Blockers/Guards

Some companies make windshield covers for the specific purpose of preventing ice and frost to build up on a windshield. To use, simply apply the guard before harsh weather, and remove it before you attempt to drive.

  1. Winter Windshield Washer Fluid

Winter Windshield Washer Fluid is similar to regular windshield washer fluid, except it is specially formulated to defrost and deice. It is similar to deicer, except it is kept in your windshield washer reservoir.


Whatever method you choose, always remember; keep yourself warm when defrosting your windshield! Don’t get frostbite over your windshield!