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Auto Repair in Mint Hill – Should I Get My Car Checked Out Before a Trip?

As the holiday season is in full swing, Almost 100 million Americans travel. Maybe its for  vacation, maybe its to see family on Christmas r Thanksgiving. Either way, the odds of you being one of the 100 million is likely. If you’re one of the people driving tis holiday season, there is an important question to ask yourself – “Is my car ready for a trip?”

Auto Repair in Mint Hill

Hopefully your adventures will be safer than the Griswolds’ this season.

Is My Car Ready?

Aside from packing and bringing coffee to stay awake during a road trip, there are many things your car needs checked before a road trip. Any funny noises you’ve been putting off – now is the time t have those looked at. Tires are extremely crucial – a low tire is a potential blowout on the way there. Brakes are also an important piece, as not being able to stop is always dangerous. Other minor things to look at include the speedometer accuracy, fluid levels, and if cruise control works.

If anything that a professional looks over is brought up as “bad,” the best time to replace is before a road trip. It is always best to be safe than sorry, because a tow across multiple states can cost hundreds. Even things that seem like nothing – a belt, for instance, can cause the whole car to stop running should it break.

Auto Repair in Mint Hill

Is your vehicle ready for the elements?

Where Can I Get My Car Checked Over for a Trip?

Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill has a 49.99 Trip inspection that covers everything from tires to fluids to belts. Nothing is left out. Should you wish to check your vehicle over for a trip, be sure to call us at 704-545-4597 or email us at kenmanchster1@gmail.com.