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Auto Repair Mint Hill; Prolonging the life of your Tires

Auto Repair Mint Hill; Prolonging the life of your tires can help you save money in your wallet.  Replacing tires on your car isn’t cheap and many drivers prolong it as long as possible  Below are some tips to make your tires last much longer and improve fuel economy to boot (an added bonus).  It only takes a few minutes per week and is so simple  (I think you know that punch line).

  • Know your numbers:  Different cars and different tires have different inflation numbers.  Your owner’s manual should tell you the proper inflation for your tires, however if you don’t have it, look inside the driver’s door, the glove box or inside the gas cap cover when you fill up.  Once you have that information use a tire-pressure gage to check your pressure (and always make sure the  tires are cold).
  • Don’t Underinflate:  There are several reasons why tires may have less air pressure than they should.  One, is not checking them regularly and ensuring they have the proper pressure.  Two, making sure they are inflated to the proper amount when they are replaced.  Tires lose air on their own and can lose several pounds per month.  When temperatures fluctuate that can also impact tire pressure which is why it is best to check the tire pressure when they are cold.  When tires are underinflated they can cost you gas mileage and wear improperly and lets not forget the safety issues, underinflation can cause tires to overheat and blow out.
  • Don’t Over Inflate:  You can have just as many problems with too much air in your tires as not enough.  Tires that are over inflated tend to wear more quickly in the center and like under inflated tires over inflating can overheat and blow out as well.
  • Rotate and Balance regularly:  Tires should be rotated between 6,000 and 8,000 miles.  Always refer to your owner’s manual for the exact rotation schedule for your vehicle.  Balancing should be done at the same time.  Rotating tires as directed along with balancing can help add life to your tires.

If you need assistance with maintaining your tires or when your tires finally do need replacement, please stop by Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill or give us a call at 704-545-4597.